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It's time to try Reliant 10X (it's free)

Here's How it Works

Reliant 10X is a marketplace and free asset management platform rolled into one. Save time, money and energy managing, supporting and buying hardware & support for your IT assets.

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Never Miss a Support Renewal

Our proactive notification system syncs with your system to alert you about renewals and updates.

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Save Time With Our IT Asset Virtual Assistant

We take all of your jumbled spreadsheets, and configuration files and organize them for you.

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Store All your Assets in One Place

Our cloud-based platform is a free resource for you to organize all of your IT assets in on place.

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Access Important Data Faster

Quickly sort, filter and understand assets by location, type, OEM, and more.

Reliant 10X is part of Reliant Technology.
Here's what others had to say...

"Reliant Technology has saved our business over $30,000 in maintenance costs per year. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to every concern we have."

Howard I., Informa Investment Solutions

"You get the same level of support for a fraction of the cost. Parts arrive in the promised time, the process is simple, and Reliant Technology is very easy to work with."

Tim O., Siemens Company

"We chose a third-party support option for our SAN to save in maintenance costs. We have received better and quicker support from Reliant Technology's engineers than what we got from the OEM."

Kevin T., Seaboard Corporation

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Reliant 10X has been a dream for years, and we're bringing it to life. Thanks for logging in and giving it a try. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback.

- Reid Smith-Vaniz CEO & Founder